About me

sobre mi

Welcome to my website,

my name is María Jesús, I am an architect and landscape designer. I was born and grew up close to the sea, so quite early I developed big mediterranean wings.

With these wings, I wanted to travel far away, but later I understood that my heart was close to the sea and that I am so lucky to live here!

I love to learn new things and I am a passionate traveler.With the Architecture, Landscape, Photography and you, I can create a new home, help you in your new business or capture an unforgettable moment.

As long as you are here, please let me tell you a secret…

over the years, both my personal and professional profiles are aligned, flowing a creative synergy, generated by my love for my profession, photography and beauty in all their fields

My creativity has been expanding and growing, reflected in this mediterranean wonderful culture that surround us, and mainly in my designs, that time after time have more mediterranean soul.

Finally, thanks for the time you have dedicated to read these lines. I encourage you to know more about my work. I offer you my professional collaboration, when the time is right for you to realise a project or a dream in your life.


Come whenever you desire